New Lykke Li Remix + Help Jossan!

Photo by : Jociylicious

Jossan is a cool Swedish girl that would not harm a fly. By some strange reason the evil Swedish House Producer Alaa El-Beachlaoui decided to bully her in all kinds of way, from sending her egg bombs to calling her up in the middle of the night and just panting for 5 minutes before hanging up. He even declared a blog war on her. So we decided to help pure Jossan out. MAKE SURE TO CHECK OUT HER BLOG!

Yeah, she is not a very good writer, but the photos are quite sexy!

Meanwhile we bring you another great remix on Likke Li. You guys can’t seem to get enough of these. This one is the best one on Little Bit I’ve heard so far.

Villians @ MySpace

Enjoy the weekend!!!
And watch out for a massive podcast by our very own Ridge “Mr-I-work-too-hard” Forrester!


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