My Favorite Robots – New Album out soon

MFRMy Favorite Robot are
Two French Canadian dudes called Voytek and Jared (on the right)
Except for hanging out with lots of cute groupies (on the left)
They make some lovely electronica and run an own record label.

Already getting support from DJ Hell, Ellen Allien and Laurent Gartnier
My Favorite robot will be dropping a full length album called
We Come in Peaces
in late september.

We just recieved two of the upcoming tracks in advance. :D
Not 100% dancefloor material, but great electro/techno for sure.

My Favorite Robot – Ask Around
My Favorite Robot – While my guitar gently creeps
(Reminds a lot of Beirut Disco)

Make sure to drop a comment if you like the music
And check out My Favorite Robot’s label releases @ Beatport

Peace y’all!


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