Mr. Kenny Glasgow in da house!

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Hey y’all!

Back with some sweet-ass tech house promo that arrived in our mailbox a few hours ago. Groovy, soothing, hypnotic and a tad controversial in the arrangements. Mr. Glasgow has done it again – still in control after 20 years of production and DJing. Here remixed by Vandermeer.

Here is a short interview with the man:
You have had residencies at some of the biggest clubs in Toronto – such as the after-hours Buzz and Industry (one of the biggest clubs ever where you played with Daft Punk, Tenaglia and Basement Jaxx) – what nights stand out from your nights packing out the city’s clubs?
“Jeff Mills at Industry in ’98 during one of the worst snow storms I’ve ever witnessed in Toronto… I was fortunate enough to close for him that night/morning and the energy in the club was just electric. Something about Canadians when there’s a bad snowstorm, we tend to go a bit crazy.”

Disco, Garage, Electronica and House – all synonymous with your sound. But what were the artists/albums you grew up listening to… who influenced you?
“This is a tough one… I’ve been around for a while now. I’m influenced by all kinds of stuff right across the board…if I were to just list a few off the top of my head….for house, Masters At Work for sure…for Techno, Richy Hawtin for sure..and everything quality in between.”

You’ve spun the world…what has been the best club you’ve played at ever?
“FOOD in Belgium with Richy Hawtin, Jeff Mills, Dave Clark and Green Velvet takes the cake….doesn’t get any better.”

What is next for Kenny Glasgow in 2009?
“Working on a Logan Six album! You can get a taste of what that should sound like listening to Logan Six feat Kenny Glasgow – ‘Can You Feel’ on the ‘Taste For The Low Life’ album in May. I’ll also be doing something for the My Favorite Robot label along with other remixes for No.19 along the way.”

Thanks, man! Cheers!
Thank you.

Kenny Glasgow – Jump up in the air (Vandermeer Remix)

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