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Mazin Abood - HousePromoMix

Mazin Abood is a friend and one of the new wave of talents that’s penetrating the scene.
Not long ago did he spread new unheard music in Helsingborg’s most known electronic dance music radio, Radio Power House. Through the show Global Grooves he brought the listeners on a three hour exploration into the scene every week.
Many well-known artists joined the show for exclusive guest appearances, some of them to mention is, Menno De Jong, Paul Moelands (aka Re:Locate), Özgur Can, Michael Splint, Marcus Schössow, Graham Gold among others.
With two successful years of broadcasting, the path lead elsewhere and music production was the main thing on the agenda. With time, releases started showing up on labels like Molacacho Records, Skills Records, Pith Records and this is only a small piece of what is about to come…”

K-Low: What do you consider yourself? An Artist? A DJ?
Mazin Abood: Art comes in many different shapes and forms, a painter translates his mind and his emotions in a visual perspective, myself I do the same but through music and possibly through the energy I’m projecting while DJing. In the studio I can take it up a notch as well and be really creative.

K-Low: Where do you place yourself music wise? What genre?
Mazin Abood: I’ve heard many DJs/Artist who lock themselves to one particular style. That can work in a sense but I myself feel that it sometimes can get really dull and boring. I consider myself as a more dynamic person, I can work with tracks with almost (and notice almost) every genre in the electronic dance music scene. But to put it in black and white I would say, somewhere in the trance, progressive, techno, techtrance and house region.
As long as there is a flow to it, and not go overboard, It’s something that has to be done with style. I’m a flexible person; my numbe one priority is the crowd, that’s what I get paid for to do, entertain them.

K-Low: We’ve understood that you used to run a radio show, could you dive into it a bit further?
Mazin Abood: My pleasure, the concept of Global Grooves, which was my own 3 hour radio show on the local radio station in my hometown, was to bring the listeners further into the scene. Give them a new experience. I didn’t expect that it would go as well as it did and I’m very proud to have been part of it. I’m also glad for the support I got from major artists who took their time to supply me with exclusive music and guest appearances.

K-Low: You are also a producer, could you tell us a little about that?
Mazin Abood: Yes, I’ve been trying to manage the art of music production which hasn’t been an easy task to be honest. I putted down many hours of understanding both the theoretical things as well as the practical ones. Now I think I got it a bit under control. I’ve been spending a lot of time producing new material which will hopefully be in your possessions soon.

K-Low: Now tell us, what can us as promoters and club owners expect to get out of booking you?
Mazin Abood: Without bringing out my arrogant side, I would say a great energetic experience. I always strive to give the crowd the best experience possible and it works out perfectly. I’m very aware of what I’m doing, it’s been something I’ve been practicing and refining on a daily basis and I feel I like to share it with the crowd. Just spreading a good vibe and having the best time ever!

K-Low: Awesome buddy, and thank you for your time!
Mazin Abood: Thank you for having me, and please enjoy the mix!


01. Funkerman ft. I-Fan – Remember (Bates45 Mix)
02. Danism ft. Haze – Mesmerise (Vocal Mix)
03. ATFC ft. Yasmeen – Tell U Y (Chris Lake Remix) (zShare/Yousendit)
04. Adele – Hometown Glory (Axwell Remode Mix)
05. Junkie XL ft. Lauren Rocket – More (Matthew Dekay Remix)
06. Steve Mac – Paddy’s Revenge (D.O.N.S. Remix)
07. Funkagenda – Breakwater (EDX’s Ibiza Sunrise Remix)
08. Daft Punk – One More Time (The House Moguls Remix)
09. Laidback Luke, Ingrosso, Axwell & Angello – Leave This World Behind (Original Mix)
10. Abel Ramos & Miss Melody – Rotterdam City of Love (Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike Remix)
11. D.O.N.S. & DBN ft. Kadoc – The Nighttrain (Jerry Ropero Remix)
12. Taped – The Question (Albin Myers Remix)

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