Killer – The Remixes

Killer Official Video – 1980 Recordings

The enitre HMWL crew is asleep, gathering forces before the new House Music With Love WordPress platform will be launched (any day now).

I feel a bit bad for not updating the blog. Luckily, there is plenty of inspiration to find in our promo inbox. The latest 1980 Recordings release just came falling down through the slot.

The track features lyrics from the George Michael Classic – Killer, but there vocals are performed by none other but miss Abigail Bailey this time. There are plenty of remixes for all tastes and styles. George Carrsascos Sunrise Dub is for all you deep house lovers out there:

All the Remixes @ Beatport (Dub, Dan Mckie, Nathan C & Harry Brown, Roy Mclaren & more)
1980 Recording @ Myspace
Matt Sumels @ Myspace
Abigail Bailey @ Myspace

See you!

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