Jeff Lasson – The Valery Stop (Re-Edit)

Small cut

French people are mad. They talk gibberish, eat tons of white bread and do not pick up the shit after their dogs. The last promo bundle we received further clarifies the fact that Frenchmen are completely and utterly insane.

Jeff Lasson drops a 12″ white label vinyl containing three mad edits. First track is “The Dreamer” with a spoke-a-pella taken from a french movie soundtrack. Next out is a downtempo, dubbish revise of 80’s classic “Under the Vice”. And finally my favorite – an instrumental re-edit of Valery Alington’s “Stop”. This is some mad tribalist Italo Disco with pure groove. Watch out for the bass kick at 1:50

Jeff Lasson – The Valery Stop (Get a room! Re-edit) (Zippy/YSI)

Extra for music nerds: help us define this music genre. I say it’s Italo Disco. What do you say?

Peace out!


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