Interview: Zweiklang on WMC 2009

The second interview in our WMC 2009 (March 24th – 28th) series.

Zweiklang twins have been spitting out funky summer house with a latin touch, like a well oil ice-machine spits out ice cubes at some VIP beach party in Miami. We interviewed them to get some perspective on the upcoming event, as well as their own future productions:

HMWL: What productions and remixes can we look forward to from Zweiklang in the nearest future?

ZWEIKLANG: A lot of hot productions on our new label Solardish Records – very soon the WMC 2009 Sampler, new projects with talented vocalists (Esteban Garcia from Berlin, Larrick Ebanks from London, Tania Mashay from Manhattan, etc.), new Remixes, e.g. for Ernest Joy in Los Angeles, Lovesound in Marseille.

HMWL: What gigs have you already been booked to for 2009 and which ones are you most exited about?

ZWEIKLANG: We`ve already been booked for a party at Nikki Beach, Miami. This summer we are booked for a club night at Café Del Mar in Tarifa. Some more gigs in Europe are confirmed, e.g. Mykonos. We’re also excited about a new club night here in Germany.

HMWL: The WMC 2009 is just around the corner (March 24th – 29th). Which artist (maybe including yourself) do you think will do especially well this year?

ZWEIKLANG: Female vocalist Tania Mashay will have several live appearances at WMC 2009, you should check here out. We think that Alvaro Hylander from Midtjylland, Denmark should deserve more attention this year, he has got some great tracks coming out the next months on Solardish Records. Another great producer, where you should focus on is Paul Keeley from Montreal. Also have a listen to the producers and djs Systemfunk, Groove Cocktail, Converge and Neal Paul.

Many thanks! House Music All Night Long!!!!!

BONUS The Outro Lugar EP was released a while ago, but have not recieved the attentions it deserves. Chris Reece takes this latin tune to a whole other level. 5/5


The Outro Lugar EP including mixes by Fabio Tosti can be found here: Part 1 & Part 2.

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