Interview: Tiger Stripes on WMC 2009

Winter Music Conference 2009 (March 24th – 28th) is just around the corner. All the veteran producers are tightly locked in the studios fine tuning the tracks to be released. We caught up with some promising producers to see what they’ve got in their cooking pot for the Conference.

The first out is one of Sweden’s finest – Mikael Nordgren, better known as Tiger Stripes.

HWML: What productions and remixes can we look forward to from Tiger Stripes in the nearest future?

Tiger Stripes: I just finished a new track with Swedish trumpet guru Goran Kajfes that im really excited about. Otherwise remixing has taken most of my studio time. Look out for mixes of Ida Engberg, Martin Solveig and a new one for King Street records.

HWML: What gigs have you already been booked to for 2009 and which ones are you most exited about?

Tiger Stripes: I just played at Matters in London, Fabrics new club. Amazing place! Im aslo going to tour the US in a couple of weeks, that will be fun. Also exited about going back to Australia again in April. I will do some big venues with Trentemöller and a few Get Physical nights with Djuma Soundsystem over there.

HMWL: The WMC 2009 is just around the corner (March 24th – 29th). Which artist do you think will do especially well this year?

Tiger Stripes: God i have no idea. There are too many of us house producers around!

Bonus: One of my favorite Tiger Stripes tracks released on House Afrika back in the days. Unfortunately this track never made it to Beatport:

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