Interview – Martin Mazzola


Martin Mazzola have been producing some chrispy  Techno for 4 years now and played at every Underground Venue you can find in Sweden plus a bunch of European Festivals.

Here is a short interview and a couple of tracks.

HMWL: When and how did you start to produce music?

Martin: I have always liked electronic music and have been listening to synth music since i was 5-6 years old. Then i started as a Dj maybe 12-13 years ago. Now I’m old enough to understand that good music is more trancy,slower, and darker. It spells T e c h n o! =D
My producing career started 3-4 years ago. I just love making music. I have so many tracks in my computer, just laying and waiting for “the moment”:) I know that i sometimes do a little too weird music, but i think all my tracks have perfect moments at the dancefloor.

HMWL: Where do you place yourself? Music-wise?

Martin: I will say between Minimal and techno but sometimes even in the tech-house section. Sometimes im also very old school with trancy influence, but still in a slow weird minimalistic way! Get it? =D

I’m trying to be my own!

HMWL: What productions and/or Remixes can we look forward to from Martin Mazzola in the nearest future?

Martin: Right now I have a very interesting EP offer and more info about that will soon be out, promise:) But im always open for suggestions;)

HMWL: Name 5 best tracks through time?

Martin: This question is damn hard to answer. I’m thinking… so much good music being released every week hehehe!
Ok, Here is a try:

1:Marc Houle – Selection 12
2:Ronald Christoph – Underground Limbo
3: Kaliber – Kaliber 15 – B1
4:Mathew Jonson – Return of the Zombie bikers
5:Peter Juergens – I love it

Martin Mazzola – Control Me

Bonus: A very cool Krakow video featuring some footage from Fusion Festival and Zelda =D

Martin Mazzola @ Myspace

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