Inner City – Big Fun (Ant Brooks Edit)

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1989 – An important milestone in the history of House and Garage.

1989. Detroit. Kevin Saunderson teams up with the singer Paris Grey to start a music project. A project to be called Inner City.  The rest is history.  Inner City totalled 6 million copies sold mainly thanks to the debute album, that contained tracks such as Big Fun, Good Life and Set Your Body free. Tracks that, even today, make us to drop whatever we are doing and smile a wide smile of nostalgia every time the local Radio Dj decides to digg up this 20-year old wild-card.

Mr Ant Brooks certainly knows the history of good house and makes an un-official re-edit of Big Fun. And here you are. Now, twenty years later, you can play it during the peak hour on your dancefloor without feeling like a grandpa.

Inner City – Big Fun [Ant Brooks Edit] by tednilsson
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Big Love!


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