HMWL goes Spotify!


Hell yeah!

As some of our creative and amazing readers pointed out a couple of days ago, we should supply tracks by means of Spotify. For those few of you who haven’t heard of Spotify, it’s an amazing (and free) music streaming service. Their catalogue is way above the standard one would expect from a free service. If you do not have access to this service, get it here! (You’ll need an invitation, though).

Anyways, I’m compiling two playlists – one for the softer part of the electronic music spectrum and one more energetic. It is not an attempt of a complete catalogue of all the brilliant electronic music avaliable, nor is it an attempt to share the latest tracks, but is intended as a pool of great music; no more, no less. I will be the only one with permission to add and remove tracks, and the will always be added from the bottom. I will not change the order of tracks. All good tracks from a specific artist, however brilliant, will not be added, as artists like The Prodigy or Amon Tobin would flood the lists; I will simply choose the, in my opinion, best tracks. Both classics and new upcomers will be represented.

I probably won’t present the tracks with comments on the blog, as that would be a bit excessive, wouldn’t it. What do you guys think? Feedback and suggestions on the lists are always warmly welcome.

HMWL – officially sweet electronics
HMWL – rampaging electronic music

/Ridge F.

Ps. To celebrate the event, the first person to request an invite will recieve one. Ds.

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