Gun for Hire – September Promo Mixtape


Gun for Hire is a talented young lad from Göteborg
Lately he’ve been spending buckets of hours in his studio
(God, I hope he won’t get bold from sitting in front of the monitor all the time)

Anyway, he’ve been spitting out lot’s of deep techy producitions lately.
Amongst others – York and Submechanics (Piemont Records)
And a bunch of collaborations with Audible and Alex Patz.

Here is a deep, chilled mixtape for late evening in front of the fire
Gun For Hire – September Mix 2009 by gunforhire

1. Oliver Koletzki ft. Axel Bosse – U-Bahn (Stil Vor Talent)
2. Andre Lodemann – Vehemence of Silence (Room With A View)
3. Nick Holder – Black Jazz 8 (DNH)
4. Ripperton – Prends-Moi Avec Toi (Perspectiv Records)
5. Rodriguez Jr. – Lila – Rodriguez Jr. Bamako Mix (Boxer Recordings)
6. Italoboyz – L’Anagramme (Mothership)
7. GummiHz – East From Savanna (Earthrumental Music)
8. Russ Gabriel – Parsec (Leena Music)
9. youANDme – Jackbox (Dekadent Schallplatten)
10. Volta & Salvatore Freda – Tiramisu (Area Remote)
11. Anil Chawla – 209 – Julien Chaptal Remix (Cr2 Underground)
12. Aleks Patz & Alex Caytas – Samo Chody (Parquet)
13. Sante – Dambalaa (Souvenir)

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