Gameplay – Beirut Disco

Photo: PjMix

Ok. I’ve got about 20 requests during the two last weeks to blog this track. Since we are striving to be an “industry friendly” blog, we try to ask the artist for permission before blogging their music. It works well in most cases, except for the really big names like Steve Angello, Seb Leger, Grant Nelson, etc. They are not really into blogosphere and we definitely see their point, since lots and lots of blogs out there just spit out every new release they find on beatport without taking any consideration to the artist or providing any relevant information. That sucks quite a lot and does not contribute to the development of the electronica scene in general. Anyway. We are not here to judge others.

The Beirut Disco Vinyl is sold out. The track will never have an official digital release. But the guys from Gameplay are happy to share it with our readers. Dig this. And drop some comments if you like the track. It’s a bit weird, but you’ll have to listen to it a few time to get what the hype is all about.

Gameplay – Beirut Disco

Gameplay @ Myspace

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