Gameplay – Beirut Disco (Second time around)

One more time.

The last year’s most requested track is back on HMWL and this time in a permanent direct-download format! Beirut Disco is the sweetest white-rabbit like bouncy track. It features a broken organ and some lovely percussions and makes you wanna dance naked in the sun. And the best thing is – it fits perfected in your best house or techno set. Just drop it after a peak tune and watch the whole dancefloor lighten up with smiling faces. The track is timeless. Enjoy!

By the way. I just found the original source. Beirut Disco samples a whole lot of vocals (both song and talkapella), the harmonica, the organ and some percussion from the original song by a New York based Indie Folk band called… guessed it….Beirut. No wonder Beirut Disco was released as a limited vinyl-only batch.

Beirut – Nantes

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Beirut @ Myspace



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