From Berlin with Love


What’s up guys! I’m back and feeling great.

During the past four days I was one lonely house DJ in the techno capital of Europe. Berlin’s famous outdoor clubs were opening for the spring which resulted in a spree of heavy bookings such as Fischerspooner, Carl Craig, Ellen Allien, Ricardo Villalobos and Ben Klock. I didn’t manage to catch them all in action but I managed to stick to my main cause, namely discovering The Mecka of Hedonism which I eventually found at a place called Bar 25 friday 3 a.m.

So what kind of musicwise information can a house head bring home from the city of techno and minimalism? Acctually a few pearls caught my ear during this four day journey into the abyss.

Here are two:

Pet Shop Boys – Love Etc (Gui Boratto Remix)

Mr Minimal techno goes deep on Pet Shop Boys’s white asses. No pun intended. Mix well and serve 5 o’clock in the morning on a wornout techno dancefloor. This baby is not available on Beatport, but can be found on 12″. Released about two month ago. Was featured on Fluo Kids without getting the attention it deserves.

Shannon – Let the Music Play (Theeo and Swedish Egil Remix)

The 2009 remixes were released on Perfecto Digital about a month ago. Despite being a dozen, none of them satisfies my taste well enough to get a five star mark in my I-tunes library. I still prefer the 1983 original. The Theo and Swedish Egil Remix is one of the bette and works perfectly as remedy for Berlinian techno-hammered dancefloors. You like?

Let the music play (2009 remixes @ Beatport)

More cool tunes from Berlin to come soon.
Who’s up for making a five-star progressive remix on Let The Music Play?



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