Friday Promos

Photo via Lustix

I found three chewy promo tunes amongst all the music candy dropping down this week. All three are from Swedish artists/remixers, which makes me feel kinda patriotic.

First out is a Soundcloud-hosted tune by a London based, Skania born, Swedish boy Ted Nilsson. Another La Roux remix? – you say. But I like the way it starts with an epic, 90 second long break from the skream remix, only to go to down into a scaled down, progressive arrangement. Worth trying out at the club.

La Roux – In For the Kill (Ted Nilsson’s Skreama edit)


Second out is a deep minimal voyage by the artist only known as Carl Richter. This guy is trying to be as mysterious and undercover as possible, but nerveless, makes some completely amazing music.

Carl Richter – Launch Me


An finally a tribal crowdshaker by our favorite Stockholm:er at the moment – Mick Kastenholt

Mick Kastenholt – Kila


Enjoy the ride but also the weekend!


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