Earth hour

Hey guys,

I’ve been training my ass off and hopefully I’ll get bigger from now on, because those who have met or seen me playing can confirm that I’m a little guy. Well, all I can say is I’m planning on playing topless on the beach parties I’m planning to have this summer.

About the concept party, IT WAS OF THE HOOK!!! Eric Browne came down shortly after my arrival and got settled with the CDJs then he went to take a few drinks. I and Mr. Skyjacker began spinning some awesome tunes. Gosh I wish I had been DJ a little longer and have bigger CD case because those two guys, Eric and Skyjacker, have too many CDs to choose from. People went crazy just before Eric took over. Skyjacker and I had been building up the crowd’s state all night and the last track I but on for Eric to continue on was nothing less than Let the bass kick by Chuckie. After many “woooooaaa” from the crowd I got my last two tracks, and people went crazy. They went like, “Eric Eric” and “We want more, we want more”. Having all of that said, I want to thank Eric for a great night and Skyjacker for giving me the opportunity to play.

Enough of me and more about awesome tunes? Yeah, that’s what I thought

Alright guys, you know that I’m in love with tunes that works on more people than just house lovers. So I found some tracks that works for everybody. And especially those who already loves house or beginning to love house.

Track one: Released a label called Unreleased Digital, 19 feb 2009. This tune is heavy, deep… Call it whatever you want, I choose to call it AWSOME.
Daniel Portman @Beatport, Daniel Portman @MySpace
Dinka @Beatport, Dinka @MySpace
Daniel Portman – Open your eyes (Dinka D.E.E.P remix)

Track two: Aaah, what can I say, I’m in love. Nothing much to say about the track besides that it’s re-edited by Axwell.
Abel Ramos @Beatport, Abel Ramos @MySpace
Miss Melody @Beatport, Miss Melody @MySpace
Abel Ramos & Miss Melody – Rotterdam, city of love (Axwell re-edit)

Track three: I played this one on our party this Friday and It was a little risky, I got some angry faces but then I realize that it’s not the whole track but only the vocals that was bad, so now I got it special for you only instrumental.
Cristian Marchi @Beatport, Cristian Marchi @MySpace
Dr. Feel-X @Beatport
Cristian Marchi Ft. Dr. Feel-X – Love Sex American Express (Instrumental mix)

Last but not least , I want you to know and participate for a better world buy joining the Earth hour event and shut your lights for an hour, more information @

Until next time my friends,
Peace, love & beats/Kad

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