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Sweden is known for a heritage of great Techno and House producers. Let’s face it, Prydz and Axwell  have been producing quality house since 1997/1998 and enjoyed succes at the underground venues around the world long before the entire House and DJ hype did hit the fan.

Same goes to Jesper Dahlbäck who has been delivering high quality techno  for over a decade and stil manages to keep it “underground”. His cousin John is probaby more reknown amongst the clubkids today, enjoying the late successes like Blink, Hustle Up, Everywhere, etc…

Here is one of the few tracks the Jesper and John remixed together back in 2003. It was released on CD and Vinyl format together with a m.a.n.d.y remix and I believe is really hard to find in a full 320 version these days. This is an epic track.

The Knife – Pass This On (Dahlbäck & Dahlbäck Remix)

Few know that Jesper & John have made a handfull of cool production together under alias Hugg & Pepp, including a Disco Volante remix plus a bunch of techno EPs with strange names as Mormors Hosta, Pappa, Naken Janne, Kattsvans & Betongkeps.

Their latest release Maximus EP came out just 5 days ago @ Beatport

John @ Myspace
Jesper @ Myspace
Hugg & Pepp @ Myspace

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