Claes Rosen – Bootlegs

photo via: Popoholic

Claes Rosén has been one Sweden’s passionate bedroom producers since mid-nineties. But the things kicked in for real first in 2007-2008 with some major drops on Add2basket records and Silk Digital. Theses days Claes produces loads of dreamy progressive beach house but also some magnificent Dub-step under the alter ego L-wiz.

He’s latest EP – Genuine is out on Nellie recordings.
Here are a couple of bootlegs from 2006. Sweet stuff, especially the Shadows remix.

Pryda – Shadows (Claes Rosén Bootleg)

Alex Parks – Mad World (Claes Rosén Bootleg)

Daft Punk –  Technologic (Claes Rosén Bootleg)

Bonus: L-Wiz – Girl from Codeine City (Zippy/YSI)

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