Bloc Weekend

Hello chaps!

So I vistited Bloc Weekend @ Minehead, UK this weekend. It’s an indoor festival with small artists like Aphex Twin, Future Sound of London, Ed Rush & Optical, Altern 8, Metro Area, Ulrich Schnauss, Carl Craig, Afrika Bambaataa, Modeselektor, Jamie Lidell, I-F and.. well, you catch the drift. On top of this, you live in small apartments, in which you have both warm soft beds, a shower and a kitchen. NO MORE TENTS AND MUD! It’s genious.

Anyway, the music is top notch, the sound is amazing and the light is breath taking. There are four scenes, of which at least one was open almost 24 hours. Also, they only allow 5000 visitors and no one under 18 years, so the atmosphere is really friendly and cozy.

And the music, ammagad, the music.

My top 5 Bloc 09:
1. Aphex Twin – I’ve never seen anything like it, low passed old school (88-93) samples over quirky sounds in surround, building for two hours. The crowd didn’t know where to go, incl myself.
2. Ed Rush & Optical – The most aggressive d’n’b (which is not gabber) on the planet. Neurophunk at it’s best. Didn’t know there could be so much energy in one single room.
3. Altern 8 – Remember his song Frequency? Probably not. Well, I do. It’s the best. He closed his set with Prodigy’s Out of Space, and everybody went ballistic.
4. Ulrich Schnauss – The soothing sound carpets sound even better at maxed volume. He kept building until I wept. Ulrich for president!
5. Ebola – Absolulely awesome dubstep. Really energetic, and deep as hell. Actually, you can’t get any deeper, humans can’t hear below approximately 20 Hz.

Here’s a video for you, with crappy sound (as always with these cameras), but it will give you a sense of what you missed. Don’t worry, there is a 2010.

The interested reader can find more videos on youtube and bloctv.

/Ridge F.

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