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My friends, what can i say? I’ve been along way from, longer than I ever thought. I moved, got a new job, renovated my house, a 1,5 year old kid and a pregnant wife, my life is beautiful, but I feel that I’ve let you readers down. Haven’t posted anything in a while. So today I’m giving you 3 songs from my current top 10 .

Tune number 1 is from Edu Imbernon and Coyu. Edu is in his early 20 and is a talent young man, we have all heard his hit El Baile Alemán which is an awesome track with alot of drums. It’s been on beatport top 10 at number ONE. But the track I’m giving you is “Burn myself”, alot of drums, some kind of vocal sample, a great house track!

The Second track is from one of my all time favorite bands, Infusion, from Melbourne Austraila. As I went to Australia to find myself, I had three things om my list to do: 1. Scuba Diving 2. Surfing 3. See Infusion Live. I only succeeded one of them in that year I was there. To see infusion of course ;D (got a clip of it some where can share it some day) Now this is there new singel So Soon and I’m giving you the King Unique Dub. It’s just awesome. And I can highly recommend the Tim Green remix as well.

The last one is a track from iO. I don’t have a clue how this guy is but he makes some really funky stuff. Let me just say Enjoy!

Edu Imbernon and Coyu – Burn Myself


Infision – So Soon (King Unique Dub)


iO – Martin

Please Enjoy. A’Bin

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