WESC Headphones give-away

Hey everybody!

Having a bad Monday? We can probably cheer you up, since we are giving away two pairs of brand new Ed Phones.

“Ed phones?” you say. “Wtf?”

Well, to cut the long story short:

Ed Banger + WESC = True

The design gurus WeAretheSuperlativeConspiracy (WESC) joined up with one of the France’s finest record labels – Ed Banger to design a pair of headphones that please both your ears and your eyes. The grand premier took place at Colette in Paris. The phones will hit the stores around Europe during the autumn 2008 and the US first in the middle of October.

Being the coolest house blog there is, we decided to run a giveaway competition.
Basically, to get a pair of Ed Phones all you have to do is:

1. Comment this post, stating your name and telling us which artist/dj/producer you would love us to interview and get some promo tracks from. Be creative!

2. Send us an email to housemusicwithlove@gmail.com with subject Ed Phones, your name as in the comment above and the answers to these three simple questions:
A. WESC originates from which European country?
B. Which of following artists is not signed to Ed Banger records:
Justice, Daft Punk, Mr Oizo?
C. Today our blog gets 800-1000 unique visitors a day. A short explanation/idea/advice on how we can get more visitors to House Music With Love (nor longer than 10 r0ws)
D. Your adress where we can ship the phones.

The competition closes on friday the 10th and two lucky winners will be drawn.
It does not matter where in the world you are, we’ve been promised that the Ed Phones will be shiped to you even if you live in an iglo just 5 miles west of the North pole.

Good Luck!


This is not a joke.

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