Totally Butch

My last post was all about the movies. This post will be completely dedicated to one producer. His name is Butch and whether he is a butch (in its true meaning) or not I won’t discuss. However this guy has released maybe the best record of the year. It’s called Papillon and consists of 24 amazingly well produced tracks. Mainz-based German Turkish producer and DJ Bülent Gürler, the driving force behind the brawny pseudonym Butch, has been locked in to his studio for years. And now his album is ready, but are you ready for it?

Butch’s debut is eternal club music at its very finest, that never quit surprising with its creativity. Butch is taking you off into other dimensions, parallel universes. Reintroducing musicality to the floor, Butch does not hesitate to paint with bright colors when producing. The wonderfully vibrant, lively accordion- and percussion flavoured house sounds of “Amelie” which has the potential to become huge, the smooth and sophisticated sounds of “Osiris” or the harmonic “Jazzy Belle”. All tracks sound innovative, inspiring, moving, dark
and just bloody amazing.

Butch – Amelie

Butch – Jazzy Belle

Please buy this album at Beatport, and support one of the best producers out there so he can continue to make great music.

//Utile Dulci

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