Saturday Night Mixtape – Sunsetshaker vol 4

Good morning! (For me at least)

Our main DJ in Athens – SIS 74th – keeps sending us such fantastic mixtapes that we can’t say no to him. No Ableton or traktor here ladies and genltemen, these geazer records everything live with just a couple of pioneers and a mixer. Both overall quality and beatmixing are of such high standard that he leaves both Angello and Laidback behind, blaiming there latest mixsets on a hangover or bad sound system. Conclusion: Keep an eye on SIS 74th, he’ll be playing in Miami in a couple of years.

SIS 74th – Sunsetshaker VOL.4

1.Patric La Funk-From The Beach (Original Mix)
2.EDX-Casa Grande (Original Mix)
3.Super8 & Dj Tab-Helsinki Scorchin (Michael Cassette remix)
4.Peter Gun,Orhan Terzi-Crazy (Original Mix)
5.Stephan Luke-Pressure.mp3
6.Pryda-Pjanoo (Alex Astero & Evan Sax Mix) [Best remix so far?]
7.Cyndi Lauper-Into The Nightlife (Laidback Luke Remix)
8.Jay North feat Charles Thambi-Beautiful People (Tom and Grade Instrumental remix)
9.Andy Moor-Fake Awake (Myon and Shane 54 remix)
10.99ers ft Zara Wild-Keep Away From Fire (Ian Carey Mix)
11.Yann Syena ft Joanna Rays-Not The One (Original Mix)
12.Aaron McClelland-Grand Finale (Original mix)
13.Erick Decks-Womans Mind (Antiglam Dub Remix)
14.Junior Jack-Stupidisco (Gooly 2008 Remix)
15.Zoo Brazil-Kalle (Norman Doray & Arno Cost Remix)
16.Kyau & Albert-Hide & Seek (Club Dub Mix)
17.Chris Reece-The Fall (Too Late Mix)

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