Saturday Mixtape

So it’s saturday, which means another sweet mixtape, and today I get the honor.

Today it’s my brand new live recorded (CDJ800 mk1:s and DJM-600) mix, which I’m quite happy with. The tape isn’t perfect, and I will explain a bit about why below.

1. Marc Romboy – Elif (Jimpster Mix)
2. Ben Watt – Guinea Pig (Musical Variation Mix)
3. Sultan & Shepard – Itajai Vibes (Claes Rosén Mix)
4. Slytek – Calyx (Original Mix)
5. Dinka – Chemistry (Jerome Isma-Ae Mix)
6. Chris Reece & Dinka – Autumn Leaves (George F. Zimmer Mix)
7. Quivver – Brothers & Sisters (Original Mix)
8. Proff – Sydney (Original Mix)
9. Electrobois & Interplay – With You (Original Mix)
10. Proff – My Personal Summer (Original Mix)
t. 58:04

When using master tempo you use a technique called timestretching, which basically chops up the song a lot of small pieces and stretch/remove some of these when pitching. In this way you can change pitch without alterning the key. This is very effective when key mixing, but it has it’s disadvantages, which you can hear clearly in this mix. For instace between 14.00 and 15.00 in the mix, you can hear the song is untight, eventough it’s the only song playing. This is also very noticable around 26-27 mins and around 29.00-29.30. This is the effect of master tempo. So beware of master tempo when mixing, because it’s kinda hard to make a tight mix when both tracks are untight in themselves. For CDJ800mk2 I would say that you can go almost to +-3% before some tracks become untight, but with CDJ800mk1, I now know that +-1% is to push it. You can hear the key difference when I got sick of it in the set and turned it off, at 32:21.


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