The fact that the new president of the US is called Barack Obama is the thing that everyone seems to be talking about today. So, without becoming a political blog I just want to say congratulations on my behalf and which you all the luck you can get for the next four years.

When talking about Obama I just want to post a bootleg made by Adam Freeland a few months ago. I’ve been having this record in my record-box quite a while, but never posted it. This might be because it isn’t the best track out there, but I just wanted to post it due to Obama’s victory. If you download you will understand what I mean!

Daft Punk – Aerodynamic Obama (Adam Freeland Bootleg)

Adam Freeland – Aerodynamic Obama – Live @ Coachella 2008

Now to something quite different, my next track is something really special. The track, made by two of the top electro acts from the UK – Hervé & Kissy Sell Out, is a true Ace tune! With a lovely melody, a fabulous break and some incredibly heavy shit this track makes everyone go crazy. It has already got massive support from well known DJs around the world.

Hervé & Kissy Sell Out – Rikkalicious (12″ version)

Like it? Check out the original mix!

Please buy Rikkalicious on Beatport if you like it!

//Utile Dulci

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