Music Blogs and Piracy Issues.

Hey people!
I want to take some time and discuss a topic which is quite important to me. The reason I bring this up is quite a funny incident that happened to our good friend PurePat.

The other day PurePat recieved quite a funny Myspace mail from The Clubbers,
the production duo consisting of Thomas Schwarz and Fausto Fanizza. The mail stated boldly:

-Try to upload our tracks on zippyshare again and I’ll come to cut your balls off!

It’s worth remembering that PurePat blog was the one that created a huge wave of hype for Schwartz’ “Neptune Rising” in june by posting a video of a female DJ playing the track at some open air boat party. The video was spread all over blogosphere and recieved lots of response from club kids all over Europe. Let’s face it, we are talking free PR here, considering that PurePat blog has zero commercial adds.

The answer to the mail above was a sarcastic one in a very polish way:
-Sorry, I don’t exactly understand, you prefer other server? =D

The answer was less fun:
-Yes, I prefer the whole of your mother FIGLIO DE PUTTANA

Ok. let’s break it down once and for all:

1. I state that serious music bloggers create hype for the artists, drawing mass attention to their music which make the DJs and producers bigger and more popular. Expanding the scene. Good examples are John Dahlbäck, Audible and Ashley Wallbridge. Blogs such as GoBananaz!, Missing Toof and Discobelle are especially good at promoting less known artists. Respect!

2. The blog readers are usually club kids that love the music and download tracks to their Ipod and play it to each other. They are the type of consumer who would never buy the vinyl or the original track on beatport anyway, and also the consumer who indirectly dictates what’s hot and what’s not. Last but not least, the clubbers are the ones who pay for the event tickets.

3. Serious DJs (I sign myself and Ridge to this category) do pay for all the music we play at clubs, partly to make sure to get high quality tracks, partly to support the artists and their labels. Lately we are getting huge loads of promos to our email but that’s a different story.

4. All the zippyshare and speedyshare links we post come from dodgy Russian forums (no offence to the Russians). Usually we recieve a mail or a comment saying “check out this new remix by EDX, it’s massive”. If we like it, we post it. The only tracks I’ve been uploading lately are old vinyl bombs that are nowhere to be found in mp3 format and that nobody cares about anymore.

5. We respect all the artists and as the disclaimer states, if somebody by some reason is unhappy with a link on this page, just tell us. It will be gone in no time.

Ok? Let it sink.

Finally a big shout out to all the artists who send us mixtapes, promos and thoughts. Even bigger shout out to all the bloggers, producers, event organizers and promoters who work their asses off for the love of music. Let’s work together! Complete the circle!

Discussion is welcome and let’s hope that The Clubbers email accident was nothing else but an accident. I you’re are a music blogger, producer or a clubber and either feel us or hate us, please give your thoughts in the comments.

You want some music?
No music today. No cute girls either.
….But some massive promos tomorrow night.
Check out the screens from The Clubbers incident:

Peace and Love!
Skyjacker & Ridge F.

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