Mixed in Key 4.0 released

Ok guys, usually I wouln’t promote comercial products since this blog is 99% non-profit so far.

But…. I’ve been using Mixed in Key for about 6 months and completely love it. The truth is, key mixing gives you a complete new sound as a Dj. Well, it is a long learning process but these days I’m able to make 5-6 minutes long mixes layering tracks on top of each other. Perfect for my Dj gigs at after-hour clubs where I spin lots of deep, progressive tunes. The basslines just float into each other and as long you get the bars together, you can create magic on the dancefloor.

It took me way to long to sort all my records, but now every cd in my create contains 8-10 tracks sorted after Camelot scale. Meaning that if I’m playing tracks in 7-9 range I can concentrate only on tracks in the middle of the label, 1-5 range – the first few tracks and 10-12 – the last few.

Typical Skyjacker Label

Mixed in key 4.o was released yesterday and the main new features are

• Improved algorithm to find the key of every track
• Improved graphic design
• A fast way to create playlists in “Browse Collection” to organize music files
• New quality-control feature: While scanning music files, Mixed In Key detects if the volume is too loud, the song is off-key or there are too many clipped peaks. Version 4.0 suggests how to improve those audio files to make them sound better for a live DJ performance
• Ability to add custom keywords to each track for quick searching

I hope that they really improved the algorithm since the 3.0 version was not 100% accurate. The software is recieving lot’s of support from Pete Tong, Dubfire, High Contrast and David Guetta to name a few.

Check out their site: www.mixedinkey.com
The 4.o version: www.mixedinkey.com/BuyNow.aspx

Enough free promotion. Wicked track by our main man Chris Reece:

Chris Reece & Dinka – Autumn Leaves (Michael Casette Remix)

Thanks to Purepat for the tip

Peace & Love!

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