Made in Sweden

Today we are giving away two progressive tracks by upcoming Swedish producers that you wish you knew about but unfortunatly have not heard about. YET.

The first one is released on Stockholm-based Sunhouse Records. Sebastian Gudding have been sending us some cool music before, but this track is his best so far. The track was released on Beatport five days ago, and since it’s selling quite well, the guys at Sunhouse decided to give it away to us. Check it! I digg the vibrator and the piano that drops in the break.

Sebastian Gudding – Orange (320 kbps)

Well, let’s move on. Remember Houseclap? The guys from the place in the middle of Sweden nobody ever heard of? Well, the news are their town is still completely unknown for the rest of the world, but Houseclap are back! Here is the new track:

Houseclap – deBaser

At the moment, I’m on the train to Stockholm and the connection sucks, but we’ll be back tomorrow with some info about this years coolest party as well as this years best track. Stay tuned!

Peace and love on the train!

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