Introducing Thomas Regnault

Hey house music lovers….especially the french ones!
Last week I managed to catch up with Thomas Regnault, a talanted young house producer who makes some really cool tracks in his studio in Brittany in the north of France. The studio is purposely stripped down to the minimum , without a Tv, Radio or Internet to let the creativity flow freely.

HMWL: So Thomas, we completely digg your releases, especially the House Thing. Tell us how it all started?
T.R.: I actually started by making music, two and a half years ago. I started by making hip hop beats for friends who were rapping at that time. Then I came to electro, about one year ago, and as you can guess I loved it!! I didn’t quit since then and I’m not going to before a long time!

HMWL: Well, that’s the spirit!! What kind of set-up do you use for production?
T.R.: All the music I do comes out of my computer, I use the software Reason 3.0, an Edirol PCR-M50 Keyboard and a M-Audio sound card.

HMWL: Ok. And finally the question no one ever escapes: Name the 5 best tracks that are out there at the moment.
T.R.: Wow, good question. I would say:
Etienne de Crecy – Funk (The Bloody Beetroots remix)
Beat Assaillant – Better than us
Justice – One minute to Midnight
Trentemoller – Le Champagne
Suprême NTM – Laisse pas traîner ton fils

HMWL: Thanks a lot. Do you have any tracks you’d like to share?
T.R.: Why not.

Thomas Regnault – House Thing.
I completely love this track, it’s been on loop for 34 times now. Perfect sun-terrace/dancefloor warmup track. House thing is out on Beatport.

Harlem One Stop (Thomas Regnault remix)
A quite cool electro influenced remix of Bimbo Jones original. Not released yet!!!

And seriously people. If you digg the tracks, give Thomas some love and post a comment.


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