HMWL presents: The Henrik Maneuver experience

Henrik Maneuver is a good friend of ours. Since the launch of his DJ career in 1997 Henrik had played at over 500 gigs mainly is Germany and Sweden. Today, eleven years later, the geezer still believes in vinyl and nothing but vinyl. We tried to pursue him to switch to cds or go digital, but with zero success. No need either cause Henrik is big in Berlin, vinyl or not vinyl.

Here is a brand new mixset with a true, slightly decadent, Berlinian touch to it. Mixed by Henrik Maneuver and a pair of 1210s.

Das Tracklistung:
1. Psychonauts – World Keeps Turning (Audiofly remix)
2. Jürgen Paape Feat. Alison Debge – Come into my life
3. Ben Mono Feat. Jemeni – Jesus Was A B-Boy (TJ Kong & Nuno Dos Santos remix)
4. Wasted Chicago youth – I-Speak
5. Bumper – Never Stop
6. Justice – Phantom Pt II (Soulwax remix)
7. Yuksek – Deladeu 2
8. Junkie XL – War
9.The Count & Sinden – Hardcore girls (Featuring Rye Rye)
10.Blackstrobe – Last Dub On Earth (Arnaud Rebotini mix)
11.Freeform Five – Perspex Sex (Ewan’s Hi-NRG remix)
12.Tv Rock vs Dukes Of Windsor – The Others (TV Rock Big Room mix)
13. Anthony Rother- Don’t Panic (Dataclash mix)
14. Hugo – The Slope
15. Two_em – Manjala (Original mix)
16. SIS – Trompeta
17.Der Dritte Raum – Swing Bop

“Let’s go from minimal house to maximal, and let’s do it in sixty three minutes and seventeen tracks. Don’t panic, it’s automatic. Those Nu Rave tracks in the middle? That old Freeform Five hit? This is The Henrik Maneuver going bezerk in his record crates, without the ability to stick to one sound for more than fifteen minutes the result is bound to be surprising and eclectic. You’re in luck since it’s truly automatic!”

-The Henrik Maneuver

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