Future Music – In The Studio With..

Wanna know what it feels like to be a superstar DJ? I bet you do. Then click the link.

Superstar DJ, yeah!

Anyway, Future Music is one of the better music magazines out there, at least when it comes to production and the like. In each issue, they include a dvd with one episode of their series “in the studio with..”, where they sit with hi end producers and follow them making a track. A lot of nice hints and tips are often shared. And as you might have guessed, some of these episodes are out on the net.

Check Hybrid make an short and sloppy but awesome break track in less than 40 minutes, with those massive delays and that gritty baseline.

Watch D. Ramirez and Christoph make a remix (more of a remake really) of Mecanique’s ‘Meta’. Loads of nice hints and tricks. Learn about side chaining (which is an essential tool when you make music) and a bit about audio editing. Great stuff!




I bet you can find more on the net, previews online before each issue on:


And here is something for our Swedish readers: Marffy is doing his last gig here in Sweden this year, before going to Miami to rip the clubs apart! Be sure to check it out!


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