Funky Disco Shit from Sweden

Hey party people!

Today I’m gonna open the huge box of promos that we have been saving up and share some of the pearls with you. Living in Sweden, I must promote my fellow countrymen, especially the ones making really good music.

HouseClap is a a talanted producer duo coming from a small place you never heard of. Their first released track is called Happy Happy Happy! and features some heavy soulful acapella. If you like funk you gonna love this. The track was released on september the 2nd on Juno and is doing quite well on the list. You can find all the remixes here.

I also digg their remix of the Madonna 1982 hit everybody. It’s oldschool, chicago and funky. Move your feet will ya?

Madonna – Everybody (HouseClap Remix)

Finally another funky remix of Joey Negro’s Sunburst Band – Rough times by my main man Chris Tall from Lund. The geezer have been locked up in his studio for quite a while now so make sure to keep your eye on this one. If you like commercial house that is.

Peace & lots of love!

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