Bart B More in da house!!

Hey you guys!

This is for the Swedish people, those who don’t wanna read, scroll down to a serious dancefloor ripper!

Our main man Bart B More is coming to Malmö on friday. The dutch phonomenon is known to rip clubs apart as a resident at some of Holland’s finest clubs, no doubt he’s gonna do the same here. Among other things he has been given an ‘Pete Tong’s Essential New Tune’ on Radio1, so be sure to check this guy out!

Babel (Jeriko), friday 17th.

And come pre-party with us on Volym, on Möllan 22-01. HMWL-crew is playing worldchamp house, the perfect warmup! See you there!

For all y’all patient non-swedes (and swedes too of course) here is an pretty old song that still tears dancefloors apart! A bit monotone (which could be a really good thing on the floor), but mash it up with a nice vocal and people will call you God! No doubt!

Max Graham – Crank (Original Mix)


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