Artist interview: Tocadisco

Interviews are always interesting, how you get behind the music, how are able to get to know the person behind that super phat track. So I contacted Tocadisco, an always interesting artist, to get to know him a bit better.

Ridge Forrester: First of all, tell us a bit about yourself. When and how did you start making music?
Tocadisco: I started playing drums with 10. then I played in countless bands and projects and teached myself guitar, bass, piano… I got more into electronic music around ’97 – ’98.

RF: You have, in just a couple of years, become one of the most expected artists within electro house. Is there any pressure related to this?

TD: First of all I dont see myself “an artist of electro house”. I did music all my life. That I m more known as a DJ and not as a musician in the first place is more or less an accident. I do a lot of different stuff. I almost dont even play electro anymore when I Dj. I m more into underground techy stuff. Also I like a lot big noisy sounds like the crookers or switch etc. Depends where I play. If I play a 4 hour little club set I play totally different from big room clubs or festivals.

RF: When making music, do you prefer software, hardware or maybe a combination?

TD: I produce everything in the computer when I do dance productions. But I have a lot instruments in my Studio like a B3 Hammond organ, lots of guitars and basses… also a drumset and many percussion instruments. I used a lot of real instruments on my album “solo”.

RF: What programs and synths etc. do you use?

TD: I use Logic as the center of every production. Then I have countless software synths. Basiclly everything I can get my hand on.

RF: Please guide us through the general process how you make a track?

TD: It depends… It can start with a new bassdrum or a synth sound… or even just a rhythm pattern that I have in mind… Evertime its different.

RF: Are you able to live off your music? If no, what do you do on the side?

TD: Right now I have no time for getting into this. I m doing a crazy touring scedule in the moment. I wanted to perfom the album live with a whole orchester that would be great. But I think I will wait until after the next album and then get really into this idea.

RF: In the club, do you prefer to play live or DJ, and what equipment would you choose?
TD: I play CDs but I love Vinyl and used it until the last possible moment. Unfortuanatly I travelled so much that I had to switch to CDs because of the weight. I also tried some laptop based programms but the connecting process went on my nerves. When they will invent a mixer that you can just connect with a USB or Firewire cable and then start to play I will consider it again… until then I have to stay with vinyl…

RF: How does the future look for Tocadisco?

TD: Great… I dont think to much into the future… I m having a great time right now… everything perfect…

Cheers Tocadisco!

He sent us a mix to listen to on those sweet summer nights, with a drink in one hand and a pretty boy/girl under the other.

Tocadisco – June 2008 With Love (right click – save as..)

01. Paolo Mojo – Release
02. Gaz James&Hauswerks – Odyssey
03. Amo&Navas vs D-Nox&Beckers – Superhero
04. Steve Mac& Paul Harris – You
05. Smith&Selway – Total Departure
06. Deadmau5 – Alone with you
07. Ok Corral – Planetarium
08. James Harcourt – Can
09. Snorkel – Dousk
10. No Fear – Promo


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