Premiere: jozif – Give It To Me [Trouble Maker 9th december]

jozif wraps up the year 2016 with an excellent, straight-forward tech house bomb Give it To me. Proper warehouse action here all included with sirens, deep bass and a cocky vocal sample. Out December 9th digitally alongside a deep funky A-side Abba Acid and a Jamie Trench remix.

Adam Curtain’s new Trouble Maker imprint continues with its second release this December in the shape of jozif’s ‘Give It To Me’, backed with a Jamie Trench remix. We cought up with the London based DJ to talk about music and inspirations.

Give it to me is rougher and more “techno” compared to your earlier deep, floating releases on Culprit and Crosstown rebels. What inspired you to record these two tracks?

Is it?! wow. never thought id hear someone call my music techno 🙂 hehehe
To be honest, i just really thought it would be good to have 2 different sounding tracks on the EP becuase usually i write EP’s in groups so they tend to have a similar theme or feel but recently i’ve been exploring different ways of writing my music.

– What’s your music plans for 2017?

Thats a bit of a secret at the moment 🙂 I’ll be sure to fill you in once im “allowed”

– What is the most fun thing about being full time musician? What the least fun thing?

Being able to explore youre creativity every single day! I only have very minor restrictions on time (going on tour) so it means i can play around with sounds, arrangements, recordings etc etc to my hearts content.. and as late or loud or as inebriated as i like..

least fun is obviously the financial side being responsible for your own financial well being can be draining – its just you & you alone at the end of the day..there is no health care, no dental, no pension, no tax help.. it all just boils down to you
Unless you’re really doing well, a lot of agents and managers aren’t too concerned about you either; they’re looking after their best interests, which is understandable but it just means there is little to no support network.

jozif “Give It To Me (Incl. Jamie Trench Remix)” – Trouble Maker (09-12-2016)

After the launch of Trouble Maker with label founder Adam Curtain’s ‘Cold Tubbin’ EP picking up support from the likes of Waze & Odyssey, Mystic Bill, Tim Paris and Diz, the imprint pushes on with its second release to date. Welcoming back London artist jozif, who turned in a remix on the first release, and is most notably known for his work with labels such as Crosstown Rebels, Exploited, One Records and most recently Music For Freaks, as well as his new project alongside Leftroom’s Matt Tolfrey, Kerb Staller.

Up first on the package is ‘Abba Acid’ and in typical jozif fashion we’re treated to funk-infused analogue driven house music with stab-led bass sequences, weighty rhythms and early electro- tinged leads running alongside an amalgamation of vocal samples. ‘Give It To Me’ follows and retains a similar aesthetic with chugging bass hits driving the composition, whilst a wandering arpeggio synth lead, swirling atmospherics and delayed snare and vocal chops meander throughout.

Rounding off the package is Roots & Bloom founder Jamie Trench’s take on ‘Abba Acid’, delivering his signature robust house style to things with heavily swung drums, resonant synth blips and the original’s bumpy bass line.

jozif’s ‘Give It To Me’ is out on Trouble Maker 9th December 2016.
1. Abba Acid
2. Give It To Me
3. Abba Acid (Jamie Trench Remix)

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