Motormännen – Bilens Hemland / Datoriseringen [Techno, Stockholm]


HMWL: Who are Motormännen?
Motormännen: Two guys in their 30-ish living in Stockholm, both being a bit too interested in technology and music. We see ourselves as technopatriarchy’s anti-reaction to the society’s declining interest for RCA-cables, bitrates and heavy machines.

HMWL: What inspires you to your music production process?
Motormännen: The Motormännen project is inspired, among other things, by early electro, german decadent minimal, SVEK, older guys with technological hobbies and above all retrofuturistic skeptisism.

HMWL: How would you discribe your music, is it political techno or psycodelic electonica?
Motormännen: Definetely political techno, and technological romanticism.


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