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Event: Seasons – Mattias Fridell at Nefertiti, Gothenburg, December25th

During 2013 a new club venue hit Gothenburg on the Swedish west coast. Shaking Nefertiti Jazz & Night Club four times a year, once for each season, the club Seasons – A Sound To Every Colour has proven that it is possible to bring internationally established underground DJ:s to town. After several years of decline within the club scene of Gothenburg, this has been a salvation to man starving club freaks.

Each season is presented with the sound, colours and art that fit them. Besides DJ:s, the concept also invites other type of urban artists that do live art, such as paintings, sculptures etc.

As winter forces it’s dark, frosty and bleached fingers over Sweden, the sound of the season can only be one – techno. And for the first time, the club presents a Swedish act – Mattias Fridell (Affin / Gynoid Audio). Without a doubt one of Europe’s hardest working producers and DJ:s within the underground techno circus. And as one of few Swedes ever, he were the main act at TRESOR in Berlin earlier this year, as well as playing at Claydrum Festival in Holland, to mention a few great gigs.

Seasons – A Sound To Every Colour presents WINTER.

Mattias Fridell (Affin / Gynoid Audio) (SE)
Emsson (Cue Crew) (SE)
Anderzon (Seasons Resident)

Live art by Scrubbo (Seasons Resident / Playmobil Soundsystem)

Acrobatic show by: Tasty Mashed Potatoes (Cirkumstanzas / PlaygroundGothenburg)

The 25th of December at Nefertiti Jazz & Night Club, Gothenburg, Sweden.

23:00 – 04:00
120 SEK including wardrobe
20+ years

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About Niclas Andersson:

Born 1975 in Majorna, the heart of Gothenburgs working class district, Niclas Andersson were raised in an creative atmosphear with his father spending several hours everyday making paintings. His love for club music and especially house, found the way to his heart via hard rock, grunge and hip-hop. The first time he entered RA (a classic house club at Nefertiti in Gothenburg ran by DJ Nibc, Dimitrios K, Ill Stefano and later on names like Cazuma was added) he instantly was filled by the pumping, groovy beat. He understood house imediatly. From this point it did not take long before Niclas also started DJ:ing. There were an obvious connection between the music and the two turntables with a mixer in between. Today he has put the needles on his records at clubs all over the world. From illegal underground clubs in Petropavlovsk, Russia (yes, it is true) to bars in Amsterdam, he has gone through being a vinyl only DJ, to playing CDJ’s, using Traktor and controllers to finally be back were it all started – with two Technics. In his hometown of Gothenburg he has a montlhy residency at Locatelli and Yaki-Da (were he every second month also run a club venue) and together with Freja Candell (sister of Max Reich, Shapeshifters), Friday Pork and Scrubbo, he runs the club Seasons – A Sound To Every Colour at Nefertiti Jazz & Night Club. His style of music goes from deep house to dub techno with alot of Detroit influences. As long as it has a groove and sophistacated, analouge sounds, he will go “ah, yeah”. Besides working as a DJ and running club venues, Niclas is working as a freelance photojournalist and copywriter. And if you ever end up in Gothenburg, you better know that the adult boy with the beard and glasses, are mostly known as “the eel” or “Ålen” in Swedish. And yes, “eel” as in that weird looking sea creature that could be called half snake, half fish.

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