Raudive – Obsession EP [Get the Curse : january 2013]

Get The Curse is one of our favorite (primarily – techno) labels that grew out of Paris. Clement Myers and his crew are still following their original do it yourself philosophy. The only difference to the underground staust 3 years ago is that GTC today is enjoying a truly global success thanks to a persistent delivery of ever-so quality releases and occasional guest appearances and remixes of the likes of James Teej, Roman Fluegel and Alixander III of Azari & III.

13 is the magic number and the labels 13th EP re-introduces UK producer Oliver Ho under his Raudive pseudanim. Romantic Robot is definetely the track to look out on this 4 track – 2 sided release. It  has all the DJ needs to get any crowd into the groove, the perfectly programmed drums and the  hypnotic vocals and the synth atmosphere that ties together the whole track. Comes with remixes by Alixander III and ROBOTIC XENOGEARS a.k.a. THE ANALOGUE COPS.

Out on Juno early January.

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