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Eric Volta – Belive EP, Ellum Audio

Eric Volta is a quite low profile type of producer who despite this fact has many years of deep house under his belt. From his debut until his resent release on Claude Von Strokes “Dirtybird Records” he´s been on labels such as Ellum , Beef Records, Safari Numerique, Evolution Recordings, Domina Productions and more.

This is to a big degree a vocal house producer and his voice of choice for quite a few releases has been UK Hip-Hop´s Terrafirma´s  D.  Ablo so why break a working formula? He is also featured in this upcoming release on Ellum that is about to break on the 11th of June.

Believe (original mix) is an atmospheric and quite mysterious sounding deep house track with a great soulful vocal on top.  The Odd Parents & Danny Daze Remix takes it up a bit with more slamming sounds. Here we are talking heavy clap, a club-like atmosphere and some modern electro sounds going on. Not really my thing but will probably go down well on the more “high life” type of floors. I totally love the Tennis remix. It’s a dub version and it’s got it all. The buildup, the big change in the center and slowly back to where it began just the way I like it.

Behind the beautiful title “My Senses & My Window To Your World” hides a track that feels like a morph between nudisco and deep house. A very pleasant and laid back piece of production that surprisingly ends up in acid licks. Who would have thought?

by Bowyer Hawks of LAW recordings



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About Bowyer Hawks:

Bowyer Hawks, born Fredrik Hagblom, started DJing under the name DJ Fred or James Hands in 1995 after having been involved in the organization of several clubs in Sweden and in Spain. During several years he was resident at Pajaro 13 and Vibeport in El Puerto de Santa Maria (Spain), Ritual in Sevilla (Spain), REHAB in Malmö (Sweden). His first interests in electronic music started while studying photography in New York where he was living on and off during the early 90s hanging at clubs such as Nels, Mars, The Tunnel, MKs, Save the Robots. He released his first track, Me and parker in 1999 under the name DJ Fred and James Hands and has co-produced a few more releases under that name. In 2008 the first release "New Dawn 2008 EP" was done under the name Bowyer Hawks for the french label Original Bass. Later the same year he formed LAW Recodings with Oda Swain, (Marina Le Marié) and "Party Like Them" (LAW) and "The Outer Path" (LAW) were released. In 2010 the 8 track debut album 21st Century Wolf was released. Bowyer Hawks is today and active producer and DJ. For bookings please contact:

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